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This is the modern world.

I've been making plans for the future

American ninja delivery girl
3 April 1989
Hello. I'm Katie. katiepants, //Katie, etc.
Somewhat friendslocked and filtered. Comment if you want to make sure I know you've added me.

!!!, 30 rock, a hard day's night, about a boy, albion, alex kapranos, angers, arcadia, arctic axis of evil, arctic monkeys, arrested development, art brut, back to the future, belle & sebastian, ben sherman, bloc party, blur, bongo java, bootlegs and b-sides, bored to death, brideshead revisited, bright young things, britpop, bubble tea, c.s. lewis, cadbury eggs, cardigans, chapstick, chromeo, church of heathus christ, citizen kane, coconut records, coffee, colin morgan's ears, common people like you, control, david tennant, doctor who, douglas coupland, evelyn waugh, everything is illuminated, feminism, flight of the conchords, france, franz ferdinand, french, fringes, geek chic, georgia nicolson, girl talk, good bye lenin!, h&m, harry potter, high fidelity, hot chip, i capture the castle, infinite jest, interpol, james mcavoy, jarvis cocker, jason schwartzman, jeremy warmsley, jimmy stewart, johnny flynn, joy division, jpod, kate nash, keith murray, kings of leon, knitting, larrikin love, lcd soundsystem, lily allen, los campesinos!, lost in translation, m.i.a., maltesers, matthew goode, maxïmo park, merlin, mgmt, microserfs, mod fashion, modern life is rubbish, morrissey, mstrkrft, nick hornby, oscar wilde, oxford, ozyfabulous, paris je t'aime, patrick wolf, pea coats, perving, poetry, potter puppet pals, primark, procrastinating, pulp, pushing daisies, radiohead, ribena, rkmb, romantic comedies with substance, rushmore, saved!, scarves, scott pilgrim, sean biggerstaff, señor bale, shoes, skinny boys, skinny ties, skins, smelling good, sondre lerche, spaced, starter for 10, sufjan stevens, sweatervests, tea, teen girl squad, the beatles, the brothers bloom, the darjeeling limited, the futureheads, the history boys, the jam, the killers, the kills, the libertines, the life aquatic, the long blondes, the master and margarita, the office, the pipettes, the rakes, the royal tenenbaums, the smiths, the strokes, the young knives, thin mints, trainspotting, vampire weekend, watchmen, we are scientists, wes anderson, writing