American ninja delivery girl (thekatiefactor) wrote,
American ninja delivery girl

In December...

1. What's your first musical memory of 2010?
No clue.  Besides Contra coming out, I'm going to say the first time I saw of Montreal on February 6.

2. What was this year's summer jam? And winter jam?

Summer jam:
Maybe "NYC Moves To the Sound of LA" by Funeral Party?  I listened to a lot of Das Racist, Kid Sister, and Sleigh Bells.

Winter jam:
It's technically only been winter for about a week, so "Steppin' Up" by M.I.A.

3. If your life in 2010 was a musician, which musician would it be?
Vampire Weekend/Das Racist/Chromeo, obviously.

4. Tell me a lyric from this year that meant something to you.
You turn off your phone in a different tone
As you think the bad feeling so bad makes the good so good

--Local Natives, "World News"
5. What was the most awful thing you saw on a stage this year? And the best thing?
Most awful: Drake or Telephoned.

Best: Sufjan Stevens, hands down.

6. Name the oldest music you got into in 2010.
Uhh I guess Jay-Z counts?

7. Your favourite conversation about music this year:
I'm not sure if it's my favorite, but I remember it pretty well.  I think it was in October.  One day at my internship, all of our bosses were having this really long meeting, so the other intern and I weren't really sure what we were supposed to be doing.  We talked about this generic alt-folk type album that we'd gotten in the mail that day.  The cover art was tan and pastel blue and had a large triangle on it, aka it was misleadingly chillwave-looking.  He told me that he admired my ability to spend a lot of time researching music.  I told him about Die Antwoord and we sort of broke off the conversation while he looked them up.  I shortly heard a very distinct gasp of shock and "There are so many penises!" because the first thing he found just had to be the "Evil Boy" video.  At our holiday party, he was still saying "interweb" in a really fake accent.

8. Name one thing you surprised yourself by liking in 2010.
I started listening to more hip-hop.

9. Your music wish for 2011 is...?
New Kid Sister, please.  And Radiohead, of course.

11. Most important record bought in 2010:
Contra, duh.

12. What will be the last music you hear this year?
No clue.
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