American ninja delivery girl (thekatiefactor) wrote,
American ninja delivery girl

I'm not going to blink until next week.
Tags: doctor who, television
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Such a fantastic episode, omg
The first episode made me worried about Moffat, but he's back in full force.
Think you need a different Doctor in your icon to go with this post ;p
haha, maybe I'll get an Amy icon.
LOL at first i was like WTF
i need to start watching doctor who
i haven't even watched last week's ep.

but that doesn't really matter, does it
Hey I stumbled across your LJ through another LJ friend of mine, go_anna40. That icon of Ezra instantly made me want to friend you.
Hi! I think maybe I've seen you around ONTD a bit? I think I make most of the Vampire Weekend posts on there, haha.
You may have me confused with someone else. I used to be on ONTD but I rarely commented on posts. But then again it could be me. I added you just so you know.