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He will knock four times

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Did I just spend an hour watching John Simm rub food on his face and maniacally laugh?

Pretty sure all of the Doctor/Master shippers collectively fainted when they got all up in each other's faces and mind melded or whatever.

I hope they go into the development of the cult of Saxon or w/e that was, it was really sudden. Presumably, because at the end of series three they only rewound to right before the arrival of the American convoy, there'd still be stuff left about Saxon's existence. Still, how does a former prime minister gather a crazed group of disciples?

The Naismith family also needs some background info, as well as the green people.

So are we supposed to assume that the only non-Master people left on the planet are Wilf, the Doctor, Donna, and maybe the green people? Obviously everyone except for Wilf is protected by not having fully human DNA and thus being immune to the overwrite.

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