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Merlin 2x08 - The Sins Of The Father
I was really looking forward to this episode, and I think it was pretty good overall, but the writing is just all over the place this season. Shouldn't they be moving toward making Camelot more accepting of magic, rather than the other way around? Every time they start to take a step forward, they just end up back in the same place. At this rate, Merlin's magic won't be revealed until the end of the third series.

Still, we're getting decent character development with Arthur and Merlin, even if it all boils down to them being kind and noble of heart. It remains uncertain as to how many spells Merlin knows other than unlocking things and making weapons really hot so that their owners can't hold on to them.

Morgause was really great, and it'll be interesting to see how her storyline plays out, especially with her relationship with Morgana. It was nice to see Arthur being the comic relief for once, and Ragethur has a completely different voice.

Doctor Who - Waters Of Mars
I'm not sure what I was expecting with this episode, but I was really not that impressed. The pacing seemed pretty inconsistent--toward the end, it was going so slowly that I was thinking that the Doctor was just going to silently fly off in the TARDIS with a single tear dramatically rolling down his cheek, intercut with the station collapsing in slow motion. Then those last ten minutes kicked in like the last 70 pages of a Twilight book. The Doctor became really out of character--he knew what should happen, he knew that it would change the history books if he interfered, but he did it anyways. It didn't seem like anything really drastic occurred to make him go from "oh hey guys, just passing through" to "I AM A LORD OF TIME I AM A GOLDEN GOD." Maybe it's the point that he's gone so long being the sensible one, but considering how slow the midsection of the episode was, it just seemed like a cheap ploy to throw in something crazy at the end.

There was definitely potential, but I would have liked more exploration of the Martian virus/organism that was causing the condition. The part where the Doctor started speaking in Martian to one of the victims could have used some follow-through. There were some hints toward the motives of the spreading water, but instead of an explanation, we just got more running montages.

Overall, it seems like we have to consider the mindset of the Doctor as he's going into The End Of Time. His recklessness and the fact that Adelaide committed suicide rather than taking the life that he gave her will have to be with him. Also, what's the deal with the Ood? Are they mildly psychic or something
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