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i've been thinking, maybe i should watch merlin. it looks alright. i should stop being lazy and download it.

also lmfao that gif. jorma is sort of adorable.
It's so much fun! The special effects are really good, too. I'd definitely recommend it, the first series is only 13 episodes.

He is totally adorable!
I'm so disappointed in myself for still not having seen this show. Better/worse than Robin Hood?
I've never seen Robin Hood, tbh. Is homoerotic tension a factor in deciding whether or not something is good?
I'm probably the only person on lj who's indifferent to guy/guy (THEREFORE I MUST BE A HOMOPHOBE111!!!!!!) but if it's a fun story (and it's already British and period piece so I'm very inclined to watching it) I'm up for watching it.


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I kinda hope Arthut/Gwen kissing is a dream sequence or during some wacked out stage where everybody is under the influence of 'shrooms/magic, because they don't really have the chemistry at the moment. Now Arthur/Morgana on the other hand...


September 8 2009, 02:29:32 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  September 8 2009, 02:30:03 UTC

Yeah, I agree. If they actually go through with Arthur/Gwen now, they're throwing off the pacing big time. While the characters did evolve quite a bit over the first series, I just don't see it happening right now.

omg I totally love Arthur/Morgana. They have that competitive thing going on, and they're not related in the show canon!
The timing is just all wrong! I mean, we all knew it was going to happen...eventually, but now? Really?

Deleted comment

Merlin probably likes the dragon validating that he and Arthur are OTP. idk maybe Gaius goes on vacation to work on his tan and something happens and Merlin's like, "WELL CRAP NOW I DON'T HAVE ANYONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THESE SERIOUS MAGICAL PROBLEMS, GUESS I NEED TO GO BEG THE TALKING DRAGON FOR FORGIVENESS."

That jousting looks so intense! Oh man, I love the action scenes.

I'm really intrigued by Uther being dragged off. idk, maybe he can't ~deny the power of magic~ any longer or something.

Gwen's dad can't make new swords when he's dead!

Wowwwwwwww I have had too much sugar today.

omg seriously I NEED MORE.
*insert insane keymashing here*

Also - Arthur/Gwen? Excuse me?! Slash Dragon will surely need to be having words about this.
I hope that's some sort of dream sequence or something, didn't they say that they were going to take a lot more time to build up Arthur/Gwen? I just don't see it fitting well at this point, if I absolutely had to pick one het pairing, it would be Arthur/Morgana.
Ooooh the trailer looks good!

Yay, another show to watch again ^_^
I just wish there was more Morgana!
i enjoy this show when i watch it, but i'm kind of losing interest tbh, lol. and i keep forgetting when it starts at 7 instead of 8, so i've missed a few eps, oops. i am excited for the new season though :)
But Merlin is so cute! :3

You should catch up, because quite frankly the unicorn episode is spectacular and amazing.
i have seen that one! it was really good.

lol merlin is adorable, i prefer him to arthur. i'll keep watching, i just don't feel like seeking out episodes and watching them online.

LOL I got my parents hooked on Merlin. A few weeks ago my mom called me and said pretty much the best thing I've ever heard her say: "Amy, we just watched Merlin and you know what I just realized? Merlin and Arthur LOVE each other- you know, in the gay way."
hahaha that's amazing. My mom just asked me why Gwen was black...and she wanted to know why Merlin had magic powers?
My mom then tried to explain Merlin/Arthur to my stepdad who clearly was not as amused. His response to her sudden revelation was, "So they're gay together? I don't get it."

LOL at your poor mother's confusion. My mom is fucking crazy so maybe that's why she is so thoroughly entertained by the homoeroticism.
My mother and I used to watch Survivor together and she would point out all of the contestants that she thought were gay.

Also, one time in high school she had me watch the entire first season of Doogie Howser with her and she asked me if I thought baby Neil Patrick Harris was attractive.


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This whole post is perfect.